Beta Release 3.0.5b

Added dynamic models to interior floorplans Fixed issue with Unity selecting objects behind BuildR when editing Fixed issue with facade design ground floor Added collider generation Improved building core UI Fixed UI blue dots rendering on wrong side of camera … Read More

Beta Release 3.0.4b

Added prefab model support to buildings Refactored asset data base classes – might cause issues that can be solved by refresh Fixed model preview drag on rotated view Fixed issue with new models created causing error Fixed error with new … Read More

Beta Release 3.0.3b

Added new model placement system for geometry (prefabs to be added in following release) Added custom model wallsections Fixed issue with mouse behaving erratically again

Beta Release 3.0.2b

Fixed issue with mouse behaving erratically Started reworking how models are applied to buildings Fixed issue with Unity Editor frustum error 

Beta Release 3.0.1b

Added #13 Mouse now snaps to room walls when creating rooms Fixed #20 internal volume holes not working Fixed #8 Unity editor Undo/Redo for BuildR editing. Normal control-z undo is supported throughout the BuildR editor Fixed #9 LOD facade calculation … Read More