Create an Interior Door

BuildR allows you to create interiors to your buildings.

Each building volume will have an interior floorplan for each floor it has. These floorplans can contain rooms and doors.

You can read more about this here.

The interior mode in the editor is the second icon in the main toolbar. Clicking on it will open up the interior editor for your building.

By default, BuildR building volumes do not have interiors enabled. You can click on the “Turn Interiors On” button to enable them.

In the interior editor you will want to select the Room Editor and then in the Room Editor, you will want to select the Add Doors button.

In the scene, you can now click place a door into the walls of your building.

Once a door is placed and you’re happy to begin editing it, you can choose the Default mode in the Room Editor. In this mode you can select the door and it will open the door editor.

When a door is selected you can see the door properties in the inspector. Here you can change the size of the door, the textures that will be applied to the door and even the model you want to be included.

Dynamic Models you have can be used in the Door Model part so that you can create interactive prefab doors here.