Create an Interior Room

BuildR allows you to create interiors to your buildings.

Each building volume will have an interior floorplan for each floor it has. These floorplans can contain rooms and doors.

You can read more about this here.

To create a room, select the Room Editor section and then select the “Add Rooms” mode. In this mode you can now draw rooms directly onto your building floor in the scene.

The room editor is very intuitive and allows you to create buildings by placing points to mark out the corners or by dragging a rectangle.

By default, grid snapping is on (you can turn this off in the settings). Snapping will prioritise the external building walls and other room wall corners. Followed by the room walls and then a generated grid based on the external wall anchors.

To complete a room when placing points, you just have to place the final point at the same place as the start point. This will turn the editor lines green to signify this will complete the room.

To add doors, you can click on the Add Doors button. This will allow you to place doors in your floorplan. You can place doors on any wall including external walls.