Create a BuildR Building in the Unity Editor

BuildR allows you to create building by hand in the Unity Editor. It has a custom designed UI that will guide you through the process and allow you to create a fully editable building in your Unity scene.

The main BuildR menu is located in the Tools > BuildR Cities Menu. Within this menu you can find the item Create New Building. Click this to create a new BuildR building in your Unity scene.

The new BuildR building created in your scene will be automatically selected in the editor. You will see the BuildR editor in the Inspector window.

The first thing to do will be to create the BuildR volume that will define the main shape of your building. Click on the button Add New Volume.

BuildR allows you to draw out the building footprint in your scene directly. This process has been simplified since version two allowing you two methods to create a building volume.

The quickest method allows you to drag draw a quad shape in the editor. Simply click and hold down the mouse at one corner of where you want the building to be, draw the mouse to the opposing corner and release. This will create a simple quad shaped BuildR volume.

There is a second method which will allow you to create more complex building shapes. If you click the mouse, you can lay down a building point in the scene. Continue adding these points to define the desired polygon you want for the building.

You will notice that when the mouse gets close to the first point, it will turn green signifying that you can click and complete the building shape.

You may also notice that the mouse snaps to a grid by default. You can temporarily override this behaviour by holding the shift key.