Create an Stairwell

BuildR allows you to create interiors to your buildings.

Each floor of a building has the rooms and doors defined within a per floor “floorplan”. Access between these floors though is defined by vertical spaces.

You can read more about this here.

The interior mode in the editor is the second icon in the main toolbar. Clicking on it will open up the interior editor for your building.

By default, BuildR building volumes do not have interiors enabled. You can click on the “Turn Interiors On” button to enable them.

The vertical spaces are defined at a volume level, but you can edit them on any floor that they occupy. The selected floor will define the base floor for the vertical space and where it is positioned. However, this can be changed later on.

The default mode allows you to select and edit created vertical spaces however, we’ll move right on to creating the first one in our building. Click on the Add Core button.

In the add code mode, you can click place a new core object right into the building. This will create a new vertical space that you can set as a stairwell and generate stairs to all accessible floors.

The core will cut through all the floors that it interacts with and generates access openings on floors that have a room it can access.

Back in the default editing mode, you can select and edit vertical spaces. Here you can choose which floor it starts on, how many floors it ascends. You can also edit the footprint size, position and rotation.