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BuildR is a living and breathing project that I’m continually working on. I’m always open to feedback from my users on what is important to them and what would make their life easier. Below is a list of ideas that are currently in development. Some have code and are being tested, others might just be a couple of lines written on the back of a scrap of paper. This is maybe more a wish list rather than a promise, but I’ve been going for over seven years and I have no plans to stop!


The BuildR project will continue to improve with many plans set for release later this year and the next.

Threader V2 – the current multithreaded architecture has a couple of things that might improve speed further.

Interior Generator – complex interior room generation based on context node graphs will allow you to control the content of building floor plans from a very high level and allow you to create worlds that make sense and are less random.

City Block Editor – create a block of buildings that all respond to each other and stack correctly. Have entrances and walls generated intelligently and control larger portions of space with speed.

Quick Building Painter – a Unity Editor that will allow you to place many buildings very quickly. Great for filing out a level or greyboxing.

Tag/Context – add additional context to your BuildR assets and allow more intelligent use of them in the generation process.

Colour Variation – allow textures and colours to have variation and control this with a specific editor.

Nav Mesh Generation – generate nav meshes for use by AI entities.

Additional Stairwell Modes – more types of stairwell that we see in our world.


BuildR will offer integration paths for other Unity Asset Store assets that fit well for use with BuildR.



Real World Terrain



A suite of add on extensions are being developed for BuildR that will level up your buildings in fantastic ways.

Chimney Generator – a simple mesh generator to create chimneys in BuildR.

Aerial Generator – a simple mesh generator to create rooftop television aerials and satellite dishes.

Interior Projection – a shader system to create buildings that look like they have interiors while still using flat quads for windows.

OSM API – a small framework to allow you to pull in OpenStreetMap data from the internet and generate buildings based on real world data.

HVAC Generator – a simple mesh generator to create rooftop ventilation systems.

Gutters and Pipes – a mesh generator system to create the kinds of pipework found on buildings.

Quoins – support for building facade quoins to be generated.

Many more ideas forthcoming.