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Dynamic Models

Sometimes you want to embellish your BuildR building with detailed models that you have, things like balconies and window shutters, or chimneys and detailed doors. Much like textures, BuildR has an asset that wraps around custom content like this and allows you to easily apply it to a building.

The Dynamic Model asset allows you to define a prefab in your Unity project as a subject to apply to buildings. It has two modes, geometry and prefab.

The geometry mode will bake any meshes found in the prefab into the building geometry itself. This is idea for static content that embellishes your building in some way.

The prefab mode will no add mesh geometry to the building, but will instantiate the prefab where it is added, keeping everything within the prefab intact. This is ideal if you want to have an interactive model (like a door), or a model with additional non-mesh elements (like lights or particle systems)

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