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BuildR buildings are generated from discrete components that can be created either in the editor or during runtime.

A building is composed of volumes which define it’s shape. A volume is a non-intersecting 2D polygon which is extruded over the amount of floors and the volume floor height. Volumes can be stacked on top of one another and can have internal holes defined to generate space within their shape.

The walls of a volume are called facades. Each a facade can have a facade design attached to them to define the doors, windows, textures and so on. Facades are subdivided into a grid; floors divide the facade laterally and a defined value divides the face longitudinally.

The facade designs applied to facades contain their own grid system that have definable rules about how these can scale to the size of their subject.

The grid of a facade is populated by wallsections which define a single wall unit. This unit might have a window or door and can be furnished by custom models or entirely replaced by a user model.

Each volume also has a roof which will define the type and texture that is applied.