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Building: Roof

The roof settings are found within each building volume. They allow you to define what kind of roof is generated.

  • Enable – allows you to toggle having a roof generate on the selected volume.
  • Open Interior – generate a no roof but with the interior exposed and the walls filled in.
  • Type – the type of roof we want to generate. Flat, Pitched, Mansard and Gambrel are currently supported.
  • Base Thickness – the height of the roof foundation. This extends the roof above the facade to create additional height to where the roof begins generation.
  • Overhang – the amount that the roof overshoots the building facade.
  • Textures – the textures to use on the roof.
  • Parapet – the roof wall generated at the edge of the shape.
  • Dormer – the window extrusions generated in the mansard roof.