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Building : External

The building editor for the external part of the building.

Here you can select a volume along with adding and removing additional volumes.

Add New Volume: Add a new volume to the building.

Add New Volume Above Selected: This will add a new volume above the currently selected volume. This new volume will generate above parent one.

Delete Selected Volume: Remove the selected volume from the building along with any child volumes above it.

There is also the external volume toolbar menu which will allow you to edit the currently selected volume.

Volume Settings: The basic settings for the volume.

External Shape: The footprint of the volume shape along with settings for the walls.

Internal Holes: The internal shapes that cuts holes into the building footprint. These might be courtyards or other void spaces within the building shape.

Roof Settings: The settings for the roof of the volume.

Elements: Additional objects to add to the volume like signs, balconies and so on.