Beta Release 3.0.1b

  • Added #13 Mouse now snaps to room walls when creating rooms
  • Fixed #20 internal volume holes not working
  • Fixed #8 Unity editor Undo/Redo for BuildR editing. Normal control-z undo is supported throughout the BuildR editor
  • Fixed #9 LOD facade calculation issue where wallsection spacing was calculated incorrectly producing different sized wall sections depending on which LOD level was used
  • Fixed #15 incorrect calculation of normals on curved facades without a facade design applied
    Fixed #4 horizontal position of internal wallsection walls generation
  • Fixed #18 issue with loss of selected floor when creating a new room and clicking outside the selected volume
The beta is currently open

Bitbucket Issue Tracker

I currently use Bitbucket to host the BuildR git repository and it comes with an issue tracker that I can have made public. The issue tracker will allow me to log issues, tasks and ideas in one place so we do not lose track of bugs and requests.

The tracker is also open to BuildR users adding their own items. I’ve managed to integrate the API into Unity itself so you can raise issues from the BuildR cog menu.

Discord Channel

Something I’ve not tried out so far is using Discord as a chat system with BuildR users. I’m not sure how it will work out but I’m excited to see what kind of feedback I can gather outside of the somewhat slow pace that emails and forum posts provide.
You can check out the Discord server here!

Beta Open for Testing

BuildR has entered the a beta testing phase for version three. I’m looking for people to give this version a whirl and provide feedback so that this new version will be ready for release next month.

Lots of exciting things have been added for this new version of the procedural generator and I’m super excited about the direction this is taking.

Some of the newest features include…

  • Multi threaded generation – BuildR will now support multi threaded generation meaning not only can multiple buildings be generated at once, but the generation code can be kept off the main game thread leaving your frame rate almostĀ untouched!
  • New asset system – one of the main precipitating issues from version 2 was how instantiating things like facade designs and dynamic textures at runtime was quite expensive. This was due to it being tied into serialised objects so.
  • Version 3 has a new asset system that allows us to create the building data without ties to the Unity asset system, making runtime generation even faster.
  • New UI – There has been a top down redesign of the UI and user flow for editing buildings in BuildR. I’m confident that this is a massive improvement and I’m looking forward to feedback in the beta.
  • Internal courtyards – you can now generate buildings with defined internal holes for courtyards and so on.Lots more tweaks to internal algorithms and generation.

You can sign up to the beta test here.

New Website

Welcome to the new website for BuildR. It’s been almost seven years since I first released this program on the Unity Asset Store and I’m as passionate about this project as I was all those years ago!
There will be an open beta phase at the moment while I look to get version three ready for full release which I’m hoping for late March.
There is a lot happening and I’m very excited about the direction this project is heading.