Unleash your imagination in the Unity Editor with BuildR

BuildR is the most powerful building and city generator available in the Unity Asset store.

  • Create complex buildings with explorable interiors.
  • Buildings can be generated either at runtime or in the Unity Editor.
  • Use your own models and textures to accentuate your buildings and give them character.
  • Generate an size of building from small village houses to complex urban towers.
  • Multithreaded parallel design takes generation off the main thread and free up your framerate
  • Export to FBX
  • Supports all Unity platforms from mobile through to AAA.
Generate Buildings at Runtime or in the Unity Editor

BuildR is a powerful Unity Editor extension, procedural building and city generator. With this tool you can generate complex and rich environments for in Unity.

Create Buildings in Many Architectural Styles

BuildR’s simple system allows you to create in Unity buildings of many styles. From postmodern to medieval, village through to city, the smallest house to the largest towers.

Multithreaded Parallel Building Generation

Take advantage of multicore processors to generate your buildings super fast. Threaded generation allows you to generate multiple buildings in parrallel as well as take the generation algorythm off the main thread allowing you to still run at fast framerates.

Fully Integrated into Unity

Edit your buildings with ease and generate cities simply with BuildR’s custom designed editor that is fully integrated with Unity.

Level of Detail Support

Inbuilt support for multiple levels of detail, allowing you to target simple mobile applications through to modern systems.

Generate Buildings with Explorable Interiors

Generate complex buildings with fully explorable interiors. Create floors, stairs and doors to allow occupants inside the buildings you generate.

FBX Export

BuildR allows you to export your procedurally generated buildings into the FBX format, allowing you to edit in your favourite modelling program or take your buildings to another project.

Source Code

We don’t wrap up our release code into some obfuscated DLL. This package will provide you with full source code giving you piece of mind.


BuildR has an extendable architecture allowing you to build your own addons and plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create buildings with scripts?

Yes! BuildR is specifically designed to be easy and quick to generate buildings with scripts.

Can I Generate Buildings at Runtime?

Yes! The latest version of BuildR has a built in multithreaded architecture so that you can generate buildings at runtime without effecting your framerate!

Does BuildR Allow Me to Add My Own Models and Art?

Yes. BuildR has a system that allows you to place models and textures into the buildings that you create. This can include complex prefabs for interactivity and special effects!