Python Script for Generating Unity Project C# Headers

So towards the end of this release, I wanted to add some headers to my code files. A little warranty blurb, copyright, link to the support channel, version release. I’ve been using Rider over the last 18 months and was surprised that there was no way to generate these headers inside it. I had a look around and there really wasn’t anything obvious that I could use and would fit the specific use case I wanted to employ.

So like any good developer, I wrote my own script. Now, I’m no Python programmer! For a couple of years (and before this pandemic) I’ve been teaching computing at my local primary school to kids aged 8-12. We’ve either been on Scratch or Python. Of course, I didn’t know any Python when I started but that doesn’t stop an enthusiastic programmer! 😀

So, when I saw this problem, I saw a chance to exercise my Python skills and create something that would solve my specific needs! And it’s been ace, Python is a lot of fun.

I’ve popped the scripts onto Github so grab them and have a go if you need headers in your Unity project. Do make sure you’ve committed your scripts to a repo before you let this tear over your code! There is some basic documentation in the read me. Hope it’s useful to someone other than me!

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