Generate Buildings Now

Create Buildings in Unity in seconds

BuildR is a Unity Asset that can procedurally generates buildings in the editor and at runtime.

Super Simple UI

The latest version has a revamped UI allowing you to generate buildings how you want them with ease and speed.


Take advantage of multicore processors to generate your buildings super fast. Threaded generation allows you to generate multiple buildings in parrallel as well as take the generation algorythm off the main thread allowing you to still run at fast framerates.

Powerful Building Generator

BuildR allows you to create buildings as complex as you want. Any building footprint is supported. Courtyards. Internal floors and rooms.

Level of Detail

Inbuilt support for multiple levels of detail, allowing you to target simple mobile applications through to modern systems.

BuildR Version 3 is currently beta testing!

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Bought this Product today. Very pleased with the Package. Was looking for a Solution to "Custom Housing" without the Stress - if you know what I mean.

This Product resolves this Issue and on top of that resolves Issues that I didn't even know I had yet. The Buildings look great and the Possibilities to work on the Interior and Doors, Elevators etc. is just fantastic. The Customizing Options are basically endless. I'll never need another asset for Custom Housing ever again. Problem solved. Thank you very much !

Great Work. Five Stars.
Unity Asset Store User
I'm a programmer, I purchased Buildr to quickly make buildings with only exterior details and this package delievers with a huge amount of customization options.

Exteriors are customized by using Unity objects called facades, there are a good amount of examples included to start with. Once you've started to customize these a bit and create your own you can start to feel the potential of the buidling system. It's a nice feeling to be able to create any generic building of any scale within minutes.

One thing I couldn't get working though is the random building generator using the Genesis system (maybe it was me skipping a step, but I really don't know), it would be great to see an online demo for the system. I know Genesis is still being worked on..

The interior design features look really cool, it's nice to know if I ever do interiors I can use this asset for it too.

Thanks for a great tool!
Unity Asset Store User